New release is availible now for free download and orders/trades etc.!
3-way split KAWAKAMI NIGHTMARE/ZUBOROTH (BLR/RUS)/ПАРТИЯ (PARTIYA) (BLR) - "Burn After Listening" is out now by Vomit label. It's avalible for orders ( or find it at your local labels/distro.
Also it's avalible for free download.

New release is avalible now for free download!
Split w/НУЛЕВОЙ ЭФФЕКТ (NULEVOY EFFECT) (RUS) was uploaded in Internet for free download. We hope that soon it will be avalible on CD's and cassettes. Stay tuned!

Split CD is out!
On Russian label TOTAL PUNK rec. was released split CD w/DISGOD (Indonesia). For trades/orders and any other questions write to:

Compilations with our participation for free download!
Crust | d-beat | punk compilation from Indonesia. 22 bands from Indonesia, Croatia, Serbia, Portugal, Ukraine, Belarus, Mexico, Canada! Feel free to share and publish these compilations on your websites for free downloading!

V.A. VSEM PIZDETS vol.2 (2011)
The second part of the compilation from «EVIL PUNK RECORDS» label (Vitebsk, Belarus); 18 bands from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia take part in this compilation : DISHARMONIA | KOMATOZ | SKRUTA | DAMAGES | ABSURD | V.T.R. | DESTROYERS | ZAVOD | PLASTID | THE SYMBIOZ | KAWAKAMI NIGHTMARE | BEDA | PARTiYA | DISPLEASE | MOTORIZER | ZADUM | THE MINC | BUNT RADI BUNTA

You can get this compilation at the [EVIL PUNK RECORDS] and [PRIMITIVE-DISTRO] as well!