Band Info

2010: The band was formed in the end of March 2010 by three guys from different cities of Ukraine and Belorussia (Eugenio - bass/voc, Antonio - guitar/voc, Mstislavio - d-beat). It was decided to use the musical components of such a bands as DISCLOSE, DISCHARGE, GLOOM, FRAMTID, DISCARD etc. The name of the band is an honour to legendary Hideki Kawakami (1971-2007) - the great d-beat master. In April we recorded mega-noise and ultra-distort "3 TRACK DEMO". We didn't publish it anywhere, just uploaded for free download.
In September Mstislavio left the band and his place was taken by Viktor. During October-Nowember was recorded a 9-tracks material for the split with DISGÖD from Indonesia.

2011: In February was released V/A "Vsem Pizdets vol.2" (Evil Punk recs.) with our participation. In April Olegario substituted for Antonio on one gig and eventually he became new guitarist. In June was released long-awaited split KN & DISGÖD (Total Punk recs., 500 copies edition). At the same time in Indonesia was released V/A "Independent And Free vol.1" (Varken recs.) with our 1 song. In Jule-August the band had started to record new tracks for future releases. In October-Nowember mixing and mastering was finished. And then the band decided to stop playing and recording anymore.

2012: In the end of January was Internet-release of our split w/NULEVOY EFFECT (НУЛЕВОЙ ЭФФЕКТ) (Russia). We hope, that it will release in the near future on CD's and cassettes by some Russian labels. Some later (the end of February) was released 3-way split w/ZUBOROTH (Belarus-Russia) & ПАРТИЯ (PARTIYA) (Belarus) on CD by Vomit label (first press is 50 copies). It's our last releas.

Eugenio - bass/voc
Olegario - guitar
Viktor - d-beat


Antonio - guitar/voc

Mstislavio - d-beat